Cold, clear, colorless,|
With grey skies and bare trees
The earth seems one great stretch of monotone.
Few hints of life can be seen.
The once lush foliage is
Tucked under covers of icy snow.

I could be walking
In a desert scene,
An unbroken, bleached, and barren expanse
As far as the eye can see.
Hard to tell how far I’ve walked,
When suddenly I see a glint of light.

It pierces the clouds,
Peeks through the trees, and
Hits a patch of snow, reflecting brightly.
As if a light bulb’s come on,
I stop to behold the scene,
Appreciating it now as a gift.

The grey skies, bare trees,
And large stretch of white,
I can sense nature’s life force retreating,
Going deep within, resting
In the trees, the roots, the soil.
I’d thought I understood nature’s cycles.

Seems I’m walking through
An endless icescape.
With guides stillness, silence, and solitude,
I give in to the quiet,
Embrace the inward pull, and
Travel the deepest parts of my being.

Deep darkness descends,
And I welcome it.
I don’t know if it’s nighttime falling, or
If I’ve traveled so far in
The light cannot reach me here.
Either way, seems I’ve arrived home at last.

Here, I am present.
Here, life force pulses.
Here, infinite possibilities lie,
Far beneath the surface of
That vast clean white canvas, on
Which is destined to be nature’s next great


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