30955000 - a smiling woman happy rain

The sun is hot upon my skin.
My veins and capillaries are dry and sluggish;
My foliage and gardens are thirsty and gold,
No longer full and lush and green.

I sing to the rain clouds to bring
More than just an occasional passing shower.
I yearn for the gentle lengthy rains to happen,
For them to fill my streams and brooks.

I long to feel my thirst’s been quenched,
And the life force’s coursing through my veins once again.
I pray to the heavens to shower blessings down
Upon all the life I nourish.

I know how to sustain myself;
I pull into my core to conserve resources.
I whisper to my gardens: be patient and wait,
Assuring them the rains will come.

At long last, steady rain arrives,
A soft rain like lover’s kisses and caresses,
A gentle rain like soothing music to my ears,
A long and satisfying rain.

I thank the heavens for the rain,
As the water soaks into my parched suntanned skin,
As it fills the streams and brooks beneath my surface,
As it feeds all the life above.

I thank the rain clouds for their gift,
As life force is pulsing in my veins once again,
As my heart is full to overflowing with love,
Gratitude, and a sense of grace.