Young stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), one of the closest galaxies to our Milky Way.

I had a dream
I’m lying in your arms
In an open field under the night sky.
We gaze up at the stars
With wonder and delight

Next thing I know
We’re floating suspended
In a vast star field out in the cosmos.
We look all around us
With awe and amazement.

It seems that now
The night sky’s come alive
With an indescribable light show of
Swirling, pulsing movement,
And mind-blowing visuals.

The motion moves
Through star fields, galaxies,
and nebulae, and through our whole bodies,
As if we are floating
on gentle ocean waves.

I had a dream
I’m lying in your arms
In the farthest reaches of creation
Lost in the firmament,
Yet connected with all.

A life Force flows
Within us, around us.
This consciousness reaches out to embrace us,
And weaves us into the
Magnificent universe.

I don’t believe
A place like this exists
But in my wildest imagination.
I must have dreamt it up;
All this is within me.

Then who am I
Here lying in your arms?
And what is this life force flowing through me,
Connecting me to all,
Weaving us into one?

The answer must be Love.
8534016 - couple under starry sky

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