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Wholeness Energetics (WE) is a system of Energy Medicine that facilitates expansion of awareness. This system is grounded in the science of the human energy field and assists us to discover and address root blockages to healing.

Wholeness is a state of being that goes beyond wellness. For when we are in a state of wholeness, we realize we do not need anything to complete us, heal us, or make us happy. We understand nothing and no one can diminish us, and we trust the answers we’ve been searching for lie within us. The inspiration for WE is based on the understanding that each of us is whole, complete, and perfect, and when we fully experience this we can open to the magnificence and power of our true selves.

Wholeness is our natural state of being. Reclaim this natural state, and relax into a life of joy, flow, and abundance. An easy, effective, and efficient method, Wholeness Energetics aims to assist us in removing the barriers to this natural state and to the awareness of our true nature, which is love.

About Deborah Plant Wilson
Deborah has assisted hundreds to heal on all levels and find fulfillment in their lives through their expanding conscious awareness. An expert in the fields of consciousness, healing, and the human energy field, Deborah presents classes and workshops nationally, drawing on 35 years of consciousness studies and meditation practice and 24 years experience in the holistic health field.