Energy Medicine Sessions

Experience deep, profound, yet gentle transformation

Transform your life with a session with Deborah or one of her trained Energy Medicine practitioners. They will assist you to return to natural states of health on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, by addressing root blockages often found in the subconscious. Utilizing powerful energy medicine techniques including energy testing, applied kinesiology, they will guide you to access your intuition, make choices and set your goals, and come home to your true self.


A Energy Medicine or Wholeness Energetics session usually begins with an assessment, and includes a coaching process to uncover subconscious blocks and a period of relaxing energy healing. During the coaching process, you sit in a chair across from the practitioner. During the energy healing, you may lie on a treatment table fully clothed and you may or may not receive hands on healing, or you may continue sitting in a chair for a relaxing guided meditation. For couples, the entire session is done sitting in chairs.

Deborah Wilson; 413-335-7046~
Deborah assists clients using Wholeness Energetics to address any type of issue, while specializing in relationship issues and physical issues that aren’t responding to other forms of treatment and that might benefit from exploring the body-mind connection. She sees clients in the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, and through Skype or phone calls. Deborah works with individuals, couples, and groups. [Read Deborah’s bio…]

Please note: Deborah is no longer accepting Groupon vouchers. If you’ve purchased a Groupon, please schedule with one of the other three practitioners. 

Anna Vadnais; 413-504-3256~
As an Advanced Wholeness Energetic Practitioner, Anna facilitates life altering changes by gently guiding her clients into the subconscious mind to root out limiting beliefs and get past those stuck places. She specializes in working with addiction and life transition, including life after college, relationship endings, midlife crises, job challenges, etc. With over twenty years in 12 step programs, Anna deeply understands the addictive process. Anna sees clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. Anna sees clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts and via phone and Skype by arrangement.

  Danielle Jordan; 603-913-4128~
Danielle, Certified Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, creates a safe and welcoming space for clients seeking to unearth and transform their limiting beliefs in order to return home to their greatest selves. Having traversed the depths of her own healing process, she understands the pain of disconnection from Self, and from this experience brings to her work an abundance of heart-centeredness, wisdom and skill.  In her sessions, she gently guides her clients toward insight into their inner world, trust in their intuition, and ultimately, remembrance of their inherent wholeness. Danielle utilizes creative arts therapies to facilitate whole-being expression and exploration. She also specializes in helping her clients discover their deep wisdom and power in the face of eating disorders and body image challenges. Danielle sees clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Durga coaches clients to access inner guidance, clear hidden blockages and activate 
what’s needed to reach their health, growth and life goals. She specializes in coaching clients to relax, repair, and regenerate the body naturally as it is designed to do. Durga has transformed her own health, growth and life by working with intuition and energy. She became inspired to teach others and has provided consciousness empowerment training with advanced bio-energetic support since 2007. Durga is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach and a certified Quantum Health Coach. She is also a certified Specialist in Biofeedback, Stress Management and Pain Management. At the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, Durga offers Wholeness Energetics as a gentle, incisive system for learning to integrate the body-mind with spirit and for results that are life-changing. Go to website.


Jennifer Dorfield; 413-883-0589~

Jennifer, a Certified Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, brings joy and fellow curiosity to the prospect of exploring how we may get more out of our own ways so that we may better serve our highest and best purpose. She comes to this work from her own transformative healing process, learning how to remember the Self and our enduring inner guidance. Background as an academic and writing coach informs her interest in writer’s (or artist’s) block,  procrastination, and perfectionism. With background too as a mother recovered from postpartum emotional and health complications, she especially welcomes those navigating many stages of mothering. She is particularly committed to caring for caregivers. Jennifer sees clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts and offsite by arrangement.



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We require 48 hours notice for cancellations, and the late notice fee is $35. For phone or Skype sessions, please pay for your session prior to your appointment.


If you’d prefer to schedule via phone or email, please contact the practitioner directly. Contact information is included under each practitioner’s name listed above. Please note: Deborah is no longer accepting Groupon vouchers. If you’ve purchased a Groupon, please schedule with one of the other three practitioners.

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