Guatemala Retreat GroupReflections from Guatemala Retreat March 2015

Lead by Deborah and Brice Wilson and Kate McConnell, 11 participated in a seven-day Wholeness Energetics Workshop including excursions into nearby villages of Guatemala. Our group participated in a service project for Konojel, an organization in San Marcos that feeds 60 people a day, mostly children and elders. The program also teaches families classes on nutrition, growing food, rocket stoves, solar ovens, and marketable skills to assist the parents with employment. Several of us helped a Permaculture class establish organic garden beds for this  program. They have several garden sites, one of which is a children’s garden where the children learn to garden.

We also visited a women’s weaving cooperative, where the women gave a demonstration of their natural dying process and other stages of the weaving process. These women are returning to the natural dying process their grandmothers used, replacing chemical dying which had been adopted because it offers more vivid colors and is less time consuming. This cooperative empowers women to come together and support one another in creating and selling their products. One highlight from the trip was participating in a cacao ceremony with the cacao shaman, Keith Wilson, as part of a town-wide event called the Consciousness Festival, which offered workshops, rituals, and other great events. Several of us attended a two-hour class called “Energy Medicine and Self-healing,” which included a water prayer and ceremony as it was World Water Day.

We’ve fallen in love with the land and the people, so we’ve decided to lead another trip to Guatemala this winter. Stay tuned for more details!
Healing GautemalaHealing Workshop Guatemala
Lake Atitlan Permaculture Guatemala