Energy Medicine Online Training Program

Deborah Wilson & Kathy Walters Wednesdays
8 PM EST, September 14, 28, October 12, 26,November 9, 30, December 14, 2016
Fee $135, register by September 7, 2016
Fees cover: Six online classes (approx. 90 mins. each), downloadable course materials, One private coaching session, online or in person And, one group coaching session (approx. 90 mins.)

Learn practices and tools of Wholeness Energetics, an energy medicine process that can be applied to create change in your life and to experience heaven on earth. Wholeness Energetics involves expanding your awareness, uncovering what you are holding in your subconscious, and seeing the situation from the perspective of your true Self. As you learn to let go of old beliefs and shape your inner reality, you no longer feel ineffective in dealing with life’s challenges and making the changes you want. You become empowered to design the life and relationships you wish to experience. With fun adventurous spirits, vast experience and knowledge, and a little humor, Deborah Wilson and Kathy Walters team up to guide you in making this transformation. Week

1) Accessing your Deepest Knowing: muscle testing and more

  • Looking within for guidance
  • Meditation as journey inward
  • Listening and following your intuition
  • Muscle testing for accessing deepest knowing
  • Using a pendulum to tap into your wisdom

Week 2) Stepping into your Magnificence: setting an intention or goal

  • The importance of setting an intention or goal
  • Ask: What do you want to come of this situation? What is it for?
  • Guidelines for creating the intention statement
  • Choosing the correct verb
  • Muscles test the statement, both for correctness and to see if it rings true

Week 3) Awakening into Wholeness: shift and heal your perceptions

  • Our inner world is our primary reality, and the external world is its  reflection
  • It all comes from inside
  • As we think, so do we perceive. Perception is a result not a cause.
  • When wanting to change the outer world, choose instead to change your mind about the world
  • Remember who you truly are, and choose to see life from the perspective of your true self

Week 4) Expanding Conscious Awareness: uncover subconscious blocks

  • False identities
  • List of “shoulds” that accompany false identities
  • Past self – identify scenario from that age, and feelings, body connection, conclusion, decision
  • False beliefs
  • How are these false beliefs, identities, and decisions getting in the way of  your goal?

Week 5) Choosing a Higher Perspective: see through your Spirit’s eyes

  • Remembering who you truly are
  • You are whole, complete, and perfect just the way you are
  • Your purpose and why you came: gift you came to give, lesson you came to learn, experience you came to have
  • Look at the situation and/or your life through this new perspective
  • See the other/s as who they truly are

Week 6) Realizing Heaven within You: ground this new state of being

  • Heaven is not some distant place. It is a state of being
  • Go over your subconscious blocks and for each one, and ask: what is now true?
  • Muscle test your intention or goal statement
  • What do you need in order to reach your goal? Usually this is a soul quality, practices, and/or a concrete step
  • Q & A
  • Private Coaching) Experiencing a session from start to finish
  • Group Coaching) Guided meditation; Q & A