Happy New Year!

I have a New Year’s gift for you. Imagine the most exquisite wrapping paper and fine ribbon, covering a very large, fairly flat, rectangular package. No, not big enough. Imagine an even bigger package, and begin unwrapping it in your mind. First, a smaller box is exposed, containing a set of beautiful vibrant paints of many colors. Keep pulling back the paper until a very large blank white canvas is revealed.

Of course, the gift is symbolic. As we begin a new year, I want to gift you a brand new canvas upon which to dream, create, and express yourself. I wish to offer you a clean slate, a fresh new start. But, before you get the paints out and start creating, perhaps you’ll want to take some time to clear out the inner clutter.

I invite you to take a long walk in nature and empty yourself. If you don’t have easy access to nature, get out under the open sky, connect to the earth beneath your feet wherever you happen to be, or visualize walking in nature. With every step, let go of past hurts, regrets, and grievances. With every step, empty. Let go of “shoulds,” judgment, and blame. Empty. Let go of shame, guilt, and self-criticism. Empty more. Most importantly, let go of any expectations, attachment to outcomes, and preconceives notions of what the future should look like or who you should be.

Rest a moment in the stillness. Embrace the infinite possibilities that are alive in this moment. Open to the miracles ready to transpire, waiting to touch lives. Listen to the small quiet voice inside that speaks for the magnificent one, who you’ve forgotten you are.

This is the year to say “yes” to life, step off the sidelines, and fully engage in life in all its aspects—work, play, relationships, inner experience, and more. It is time to pick up your paintbrush. Express the wholeness of who you are, radiate your beauty, perfection, and love, and begin to create your masterpiece, the ever-changing masterpiece called life. Have fun, go wild, get messy, splashing gorgeous colored paints all over.




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