Mountains Majesty

Gratitude for the Work

“Plunging into the depths of my soul is where Wholeness Energetics has taken me. Into the mysteries, the treasures and the long held beliefs is the journey I’ve taken. I’ve been a seeker my entire life, but have not encountered the depths of transformation that brings consistent change, until I began to work with Wholeness Energetics, both as a client and as a practitioner. There is a spaciousness in my body, mind and spirit that continues to unfold as I release and open to my innermost self. I am eternally grateful for all the layers that Wholeness Energetics has revealed, and bless the day I was brought to this work.”
~Robin Kassis, Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher.

“I’ve never had so much fun freeing myself from my own blockages!” ~ D.L., Shutesbury, MA

“During the POH training (one weekend per month for nine months), I have learned at least 20 years worth of applied lessons of how to overcome my own self-destructive patterns and how to support others to do the same.  The POH is also about learning how to celebrate life by very being open about one’s blockages while embracing the deep healing process. It is about embracing the beautiful current of life flowing underneath any obstructions as well  as embracing the Other as Self. No thanks can really suffice.”
~ R.P., Amherst, MA

Group Hug 2014“The Path of the Healer training facilitated deep understandings and gentle breakthroughs for me throughout the year. Deb embodies her message with grace and eloquence and gives time for students to learn and experiment and receive step by step guidance in helping others. Her comprehensive vision of a benevolent universe and the specifics  guidelines she offers on how to experience this vision in a group learning environment have been invaluable to me.”
~D.K., Easthampton, MA

“I feel blessed to have participated in the first Path of the Healer Apprenticeship offered by Deborah Wilson. She has offered me (all of us) opportunities to move beyond limiting expectations and into a place of knowledge, clarity, and connection. Deborah has prodded, suggested and challenged me to move toward my highest potential – and in a way that is completely loving and full of grace and good humor. My day to day thought processes and spiritual activities are transformed from this experience and time spent with Deborah. Her bountiful gifts and remarkable connection to Spirit are always part of her work and the training. I am particularly touched by reminders that Deborah comes to this with imperfections and foibles and blind spots and her own stories – even as she shows us that she is (and we all are) whole, magnificent beings right now, just as we are.”
~Kathy, Amherst, MA

“I think the greatest impact the course has had on me is to allow me to shift my perception so that I view my life and situations that arise in a more positive light. Therefore, I have become happier and more relaxed overall, being able to trust that everything happens for a reason—in order to shed light on that which allows me to grow and achieve my purpose and goals in life. Deborah has helped me to access and trust my intuition, realize my connection with the Divine, and to give up attempting to control my future. I am ever so grateful for this course and I hope others can share in the valuable lessons to be learned from Deborah.”
~Chavi Stark, Connecticut

“At various times over the last years, Deborah has helped me to gain clarity, find empowerment, heal, and be happy here and now. Her approach to well-being is integral, addressing physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic aspects of a person as the need may be. Her persona as a healer is a textured one, for she presents what is needed for the client in the moment. She is sensitive and adaptable, and flows easily between roles of nurturer, friend, caregiver, and guide- and she is always professional. She sees the highest and best in her clients, and holds them to seeing and actualizing the same. I have seen that she is a devoted mother and wife, raising a lovely family. She treats friends, clients and strangers alike with care, respect, and sincerity. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to better understand their lives and to heal injuries of body, heart, and mind.”
~ E.J., Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator, Guide, California

Ania Hug small“I bless the day I met Deborah. She has a profound gift for healing my soul, for taking me deeper into myself, and facilitating the letting go of that which no longer serves my well being. Deborah respects and honors me, holding the space with divine love and intention. And, no matter how deeply vulnerable I go in a session with her, I always feel held in safety and love. She is respectful and kind, yet nudges me to open up and grow more presently into soul awareness. How grateful I am for this opportunity to work so deeply with one so gifted.”
~ R.K., Educator and Yoga Teacher

“It’s been hard, yet positive, because of the realization of how responsible I am for my actions and life experiences. It’s SO AMAZING – this path, and life! The life one dreams of is possible – it can totally be realized! I’ve known this in my heart as it’s the optimism that’s driven me this far. Yet, it’s been surprising to face the blocks in the path that I didn’t see yet, but have come to know and meet, dissolving, sometimes with much difficulty, along the way. I am so grateful for the help I’ve had in this, aiding in this return to wholeness. Love and many thanks to you.

Each moment is a chance to steer my life in the real course that my higher self knows. The realization of my power to affect positive change or otherwise is both awesome and scary! Can I believe in myself? What will I do with this power? Can I choose from my highest self? Hopefully so, hopefully I choose to follow this guidance. Realizing my chronic experience of low self-esteem in the recent years, stretching back into childhood, is sobering and inspiring. How many people experienced a lack of love as a child and used this later as a catalyst to heal themselves later in life? With small, yet momentous, steps I can change my life.”
~J.H., Oregon

“Deborah Wilson is a gifted and compassionate healer. She has extensive training and experience, along with impressive intrinsic abilities. The unique way in which she combines all of these is extremely effective in moving through old negative belief systems and into the light of our Essence. In short, Deborah is a treasure.”
~S.P.S., Sarasota, FL

“Deborah’s work is amazing. Sometimes she can do three months worth of therapy in 20 minutes. Deep and Loving. A wealth of knowledge to back up her intuition and spiritual awareness.”Drumming 2014
~S.H.C, Amherst, MA