About Deborah Wilson

Deborah has devoted much of her life to the study of consciousness, healing, and the human energy field, in order to assist others to remember and embody their wholeness. With a gift of profound presence and unconditional acceptance, she creates a container for them to access and express their greater selves and to experience deep and lasting transformation.

Deborah, founder of Wholeness EnergeticsTM, shares her knowledge in a down-to-earth, engaging, and approachable manner, through experiential hands-on learning and telling stories from her own healing journey. Well known in the field of energy medicine, she offers classes, workshops, and training programs internationally, drawing on more than 27 years of experience in the holistic health field. Deborah lives with her family at Sirius, a spiritual community, and she maintains a private holistic health practice and a student-run wellness clinic in Amherst, Massachusetts.


Brice Wilson

Brice began a healing practice soon after experiencing clinical death during emergency surgery in 1972, and being told following return to the body that he had an incurable degenerative disease. A mixture of meditative practices including yoga and qigong seemed to facilitate healing from the inside out by helping him see and address the disease’s basis in the energetic field permeating the body and influencing/controlling physical development.

These practices also helped him recall more explicitly the out-of-body journey he’d taken during surgery back into our eternal nature hidden beneath physicality’s fog of amnesia. He became convinced through this and the similar accounts of others that true healing derived from reconciling awareness of this innate wholeness with physical consciousness. The metaphysical practices he shares help facilitate this reconciliation, and include certified instruction in inner alchemical formulas developed by Mantak Chia, grandmaster of the Quanzhen (“All True”) Taoist tradition, and founder of the Universal Healing Tao system.


Kate McConnell

Kate is a transformative educator who has designed and directed global service-learning programs from Morocco to Mexico, and currently dedicates her practice to reflective curriculum design. Her passion is to encourage participants in cross-cultural exchange to engage in critical thinking about themselves and the world they inhabit in a mindful, meaningful manner. Through self-directed, journal writing exercises, she supports life-long learners to see how we make meaning of the world, raise awareness of our pre-existing perspectives, and arrive at more discriminate and conscious definitions of our beliefs and universal identity. After completing the second year Advanced Path of the Healer training with Deborah, she is thrilled to locate her story in Guatemala for this retreat and is uber-inspired to apply Wholeness Energetics to her soul’s purpose to rewrite the world … and to work with others to envision a New Story!