The Flower

The Desert Rose flower is a brilliant pink color (or white or red) that stands in contrast with its dark green leaves. It is also known as Sabi-Star and Kudu. This beautiful flower belongs to the tropical regions of southern Africa and East Africa, as well as the sub-tropical regions of Arabia. The Desert Rose is actually a shrub, with fleshy leaves that hold water in the desert. Its petals are shaped like an open trumpet. This lovely flower holds a toxin in its roots and stems that is used as arrow poison for hunting large game throughout much of Africa.

Finding this beautiful flower in the desert could be akin to experiencing a glimpse of our own inner magnificence. Are you ready to feed and water the budding flower within, to begin your own blossoming, opening to connection with who you really are and to living your life’s purpose?



The Stone

The Desert Rose stone is a form of selenite, which is itself a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Selenite is used to protect people and locations, and will clear and clean all other crystals nearby. Desert Rose Selenite is a pale pink color, which is formed naturally into a more or less round shape. The raised ridges are usually treated with heat, so they stand out and the rose features are more clearly visible. This stone is formed from water, wind and sand, and is found in desert regions all over the world.

Desert Rose helps strengthen affirmations of purpose; it is good for intuitive work. This lovely stone carries a gentle energy, helps access past and future lives; helps us sift through and let unnecessary thoughts or concerns drift away (like sand through our fingers).