Certification Program Year One

Step into a new paradigm in healthcare.

There is a new paradigm emerging in the field of healing, with a growing body of research and information now available on the human energy field, the body-mind connection, and how beliefs impact our health and well-being. The ancient healing arts of Yoga, Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, now more common in the West, demonstrate how to harness subtle energies and how to work with them for health and well-being. In this emerging paradigm, we are becoming empowered to heal ourselves. We are discovering we all have innate healing abilities and the power and wisdom to shift our live.

Introduction to the Course & the Human Energy Field
Practices for restoring wholeness
▪           Perceiving self and others as whole and healthy
▪           Journaling for self-discovery
▪           Acceptance, Allowing, and Awareness
Root Chakra
▪           Grounding, rooting, connecting to the Earth
▪           Birth and death
▪           Survival, support, and finances
▪           Autonomic nervous system
Tools to access intuition
▪           Meditating
▪           Energy testing, a.k.a. Muscle testing
▪           Dowsing using pendulum
Know Thyself; Who are you?
▪           Discerning between Spirit and ego
▪           Ego identifications

The Human Energy Field
▪           Body Symbology
▪           The aura, chakras, and higher senses
▪           Chakra psychology
Sacral Chakra
▪           Relationships, sexuality, and creativity
▪           Sense of connection and belonging
▪           Sex organ, kidneys, and bladder
Solar Plexus Chakra
▪           Empowerment, intention, and will
▪           Owning and wielding your spiritual power
▪           Taking 100% responsibility
▪           Cultivating self-esteem, confidence, and purpose
Coaching, counseling, and deep listening skills
The victim, perpetrator, rescuer triangle


Consciousness and energy: raise your vibration
Tools to clear and heal oneself
Exploring the Healing Relationship
▪           Seeing the client as whole, healthy, and perfect
▪           Empowering others to find their own answers
▪           Talking with people’s soul to assist their process
Heart Chakra
▪           Love and compassion, personal and collective
▪           Forgiveness as key to healing
▪           Relax, be, and fully accept what is
▪           Purification and initiation
Throat Chakra
▪           Manifestation, Creation, & Expression
▪           Communicating one’s truth
▪           Knowing when to speak and when to be silent

Quantum Physics and the mind-field
Integrating and aligning body, mind, and spirit
Tools for manifesting
▪           Whatever you want to manifest, radiate
▪           Remember everything comes from inside
▪           Let go of the steering wheel of your life
Brow Chakra
▪           Accessing our intuition
▪           Objective observer
▪           The biology of belief
Crown Chakra
▪           Relating to the higher power
▪           Eternal life and the veil between the worlds
▪           Commit to Life; Confront Death
The Soul’s journey, lifetimes, and near-death experiences
Cutting karmic ties; understand and end the karmic cycle

“Love is our true essence. Love has no limitations of caste, religion, race, or nationality. We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love. To awaken this unity–and to spread to others the love that is our inherent nature–is the true goal of human life.” ~Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)