Healing Training


Energy Medicine: Cultivating Universal Life force.

Modeled after traditional healing apprenticeships of old, while set in a modern context where mysticism and science converge, where ancient practices and technology partner, Path of the Healer Program offers a comprehensive in-depth training in energy medicine. Whether you desire to take an active role in healing yourself and loved ones, integrate this method into your existing wellness practice, or launch a meaningful new career as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, this training is for you. You will experience profound personal transformation while learning skills to heal others and the world.

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Four 5-day courses over a year
Students can enroll in level 1 or all 4 levels

Level one:  May 16 – 20, 2018; Ashfield, Massachusetts
Potential dates:
Level two:  July 5 – 9, 2018; New England
Level three:  October 4 – 8, 2018; New England
Level four:  February 14 – 19, 2019; New England

Application due: two weeks prior to start date
May 2th for Level One May 2018

This certification program consists of four five-day courses offered over a one year period. Sign up for just level 1, or sign up for them all. Choose which level 1 class works for you. To become certified as a practitioner, you must complete all four levels, not necessarily within the year. Levels must be taken consecutively. The advanced certification program is a second year training that consists of four five-day courses offered over a one year period. Contact us for more information and registration.

The course offers hands-on training that builds your confidence and skills. You will learn easy effective tools of energy medicine that anyone can use to:

  • Address root blockages to healing on all levels
  • Read and transform energy
  • Open to deeper levels of intuition
  • Empower others to heal themselves
  • Shift your life in profound and surprising ways

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of each level. Graduates of all four levels will receive a Diploma conferring a title of Certified Practitioner.  Students who go on to complete year two, levels 5 – 8, will receive a Diploma conferring a title of Advanced Practitioner.

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The Path of the Healer training facilitated deep understandings and gentle breakthroughs for me throughout the year. Deborah embodies her message with grace and eloquence and gives time for students to learn and experiment and receive step by step guidance in helping others. Her comprehensive vision of a benevolent universe and the specifics  guidelines she offers on how to experience this vision in a group learning environment have been invaluable to me.” ~ DK, Massachusetts

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