The happy dream is less compelling,
Seems I’ve lost interest in the game;
I quit!
I get close to success, the next day
Give up.

Why would I sabotage my dreams?
I ask.
My attraction for the illusion
Is gone.
A deep restless stirring arises
In me.

It’s hard to see this as a good thing;
Is it?
I’ve been in labor a while, eager
To birth.
Yet, I’ve no clear sense of what is to

Not sure I know what I’m searching for,
Or not.
Not sure I know any longer who
I am.
Seems I can’t go back, nor push forward;
I wait.

I’ve always been happy; now I can’t
Get there.
Am I sinking into the depths of
Is this what they call a dark night of
The soul?

Asked Buddha under the Bodhi Tree,
And I.

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