Advanced Certification Program – Year Two

Cultivating Consciousness; Moving Mountains.

Not for the faint of heart, this journey calls for courage and willingness to open our minds and hearts, look at ourselves honestly, and likely have our world views turned upside down, maybe shattered. Ultimately the path of the healer is an inner journey which takes us to the deepest recesses of our being, leading us through initiations, trials and triumphs. It is by embarking on this inner journey, where others cannot follow, that we experience the miracles, healing, and true power that flows from our connection to Source, from our oneness with all Life.

In order to enroll in the advanced training, you must have completed the first year training.

During the Advanced Certification Program, we will go deeper into the work we began in year one, and we will cover some of the topics we barely got to touch on during the first year. We will spend more time exploring each topic, practicing the tools and techniques, and giving and receiving feedback. Just as we focused on chakras along with their emotional and physical correspondents during the first year training, the advanced training will focus on the five elements, as found in the Taoist healing tradition, along with the corresponding organs, meridians, and their emotional and physical components. The general outline for each level is as follows:

Introduction to the Advanced Course
The Human Energy Field:
▪         The Taoist Healing Tradition
▪         Five elements, meridians, organs
▪         Microcosmic Orbit
Energy Clearing Portal and Balance
A daily practice for mind training, focus, and willpower

Metal Element – Strength & Sustainability
Water Element – Ambition & Willpower
Energy Medicine for Couples & Groups
Attuning to the collective; Aligning to Spirit
You dwell in Heaven; Heaven dwells in you
Show up, commit, and participate fully
Explore true self through Acting

Wood Element – Control & Decisiveness
Fire Element – Warmth, Vitality & Elation
Healing the past – journey into past to counsel past self
Confronting life, challenges, and conflicts head on
Life purpose, contribution, and life lesson
Purpose – exploring between lives & one’s north node
Group facilitation and teaching skills

Earth Element – Integration & Stability
Union of Fire & Water
Developing the Central Channel
Conscious dreaming:
▪           Change the dream, the past, the past life
▪           Helping people through the dying process
▪           Helping those who have died to cross over
Basic business and promotion skills
Final Projects: each participant facilitates 1 – 2 hour session

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Group Hug 2014
“It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized.” ~ IChing (taken from