About Sirius

Meeting Space

The 2000 square foot Octagon Hall will used as the meeting room for the Path of the Healer Apprenticeship weekends. Located on the second floor of the Community Center, this octagonal room is architecturally beautiful with a high vaulted ceiling with exposed beams, wood flooring with decorative detailing, and many large windows which provide beautiful views of the New England forest canopy. We will provide chairs, backjacks and cushions for those preferring to remain at ground level. Ceiling fans cool during the summer and heat is provided as needed by wood stove and passive solar architecture.

Organic Vegetarian Mealssirius pond

Our meals are made from organic vegetarian ingredients, many of which are grown right here in our gardens, orchards, nut groves and greenhouses. Salads are commonly picked within an hour or two of serving. We have indoor and outdoor seating. The Dining Room is located in the Community Center below the Octagon Hall. There is additional seating in the greenhouse which can be toasty warm on the coldest days from just the sun, as well as outdoor picnic tables. We ask for volunteers to help with kitchen cleanup, which offers you an experience of community while working alongside residents and other guests.

Avail0006able Guest Spaces

For an additional cost, guest spaces are available for use during the Path of the Healer Apprenticeship weekends. We offer private guest rooms with either twin or queen size beds. Guest rooms are located in the Community Center building. Restroom facilities are shared but ample. Organic vegetarian meals are included as part of the overnight package.


Available for use by day and overnight guests are a sauna, stone circle, forest labyrinth, free internet wifi, hiking trails located on Sirius’s 90 acres of beautiful New England forest,  large gardens, orchards, and a pond that can be used for swimming. You can also take a self-guided tour, using one of their maps, of this community and ecovillage, and learn more about how they are a demonstration center for ecological living, Permaculture, and organic gardening.

Visit siriuscommunity.org for more information.