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Deborah Wilson

Deborah is the founder of Wholeness Energetics, a specialized form of holistic healthcare, and founder of and primary teacher for Path of the Healer Certification Programs. An author, teacher, and healer, she has devoted much of her life to the study of consciousness, healing, and the human energy field.  With a gift of profound presence and unconditional acceptance, Deborah has assisted thousands to realize health and wholeness and to live in a more expanded consciousness. A sought after teacher in the field of energy medicine, she shares her knowledge in a down-to-earth, engaging, and approachable manner through classes, workshops, and training programs internationally. For the last twenty-two years, Deborah and her family has lived at Sirius, a spiritual community,. She currently maintains a private healing practice and a student-run wellness clinic in Amherst, Massachusetts.


Brice WilsonBrice Boston

Brice is the main qigong teacher for the Path of the Healer Certification Programs, where he teaches the Healing Tao Basics. He began a healing practice soon after experiencing clinical death during emergency surgery in 1972, and being told following return to the body that he had an incurable degenerative disease. A mixture of meditative practices including yoga and qigong seemed to facilitate healing from the inside out by helping him see and address the disease’s basis in the energetic field permeating the body and influencing/controlling physical development. These practices also helped him recall more explicitly the out-of-body journey he’d taken during surgery back into our eternal nature hidden beneath physicality’s fog of amnesia. Brice became convinced through this and the similar accounts of others that true healing derived from reconciling awareness of this innate wholeness with physical consciousness. The metaphysical practices he shares help facilitate this reconciliation, and include certified instruction in inner alchemical formulas developed by Mantak Chia, grandmaster of the Quanzhen (“All True”) Taoist tradition, and founder of the Universal Healing Tao system.


Robin Kassis Robin Kassis cropped

Robin has served on the board of advisers for the Path of the Healer Certification Programs for more than four years. She is the main yoga teacher for the program, where she teaches Kriya yoga for all levels. Robin, a talented teacher and healer, assists her students and clients to experience profound healing, transformation, physical discipline, and relaxation. As a certified practitioner of Wholeness Energetics, a Usui Reiki Master, and Yoga teacher with seventeen years of teaching experience, she draws on her extensive background with varied yet complementary systems of healing to offer others deep support and growth. She has lived and worked in Western MA for most of her adult life. When she’s not teaching a yoga class or providing a healing session, you will probably find her meditating, hiking, reading, singing, boogie boarding, spending time with family and friends, or providing literacy support to elementary age children in a local private school.



Kathy WaltersKathy on cliffs (1)

Kathy has served on the board of advisers for the Path of the Healer Certification Programs for more than four years, and is an instructor for the program. She began a spiritual awakening in the spring of 2010 that launched her onto a lengthy, focused journey of learning and remembering. This wide path brought her to healing work, and in 2013 she began seeing clients. Kathy’s life and work are grounded in Earth-based wisdom, and she has studied a range of spiritual and energy practices, shamanic journeying, Native American and indigenous teachings, meditation, yoga, qigong, and other intuitive practices. Her journey has brought her deeply into understandings about death and dying, grief and loss, and the Afterlife. One of her most significant teachings is that this awakening (indeed, this entire lifetime) has been about remembering – remembering the gifts and blessings from Spirit that she has honed from other lifetimes. Her journey continues, always accompanied by the numerous faeries and other energy beings that are her strongest allies. She is certified in Wholeness Energetics, Advanced Crystal Energy Healing, Akashic Records Access, Angel Communication, Crystal Energy Readings, and Reiki.


Maryanne crop Maryanne DiPalma Buchele

Maryanne is an instructor for Path of the Healer Certification Programs. She has been a teacher/counselor in one way or another – often in more than one way at a time – for more than 40 years, including elementary and special education in public and private schools, as well as teaching yoga, dance, acting, fitness and wellness, speech and communication, business related and other subjects in Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Massachusetts and New York.  Counseling students lead to counseling their families and other individuals, couples and groups.  She has also been a dancer, choreographer and performing artist since childhood and has participated in or wholly orchestrated the production and direction of a variety of plays and other performing arts projects. Her life-long spiritual path led her to an apprenticeship in Wholeness Energetics and to Deborah Wilson, with whom an ancient relationship was immediately recognized, making it only natural for her to contribute to the expansion and broader extension of Deborah’s work.


Kate McConnell

Kate is a transformative educator who has designed and directed global service-learning programs from Morocco to Mexico, and currently dedicates her practice to reflective curriculum design. Her passion is to encourage participants in cross-cultural exchange to engage in critical thinking about themselves and the world they inhabit in a mindful, meaningful manner. Through self-directed, journal writing exercises, she supports life-long learners to see how we make meaning of the world, raise awareness of our pre-existing perspectives, and arrive at more discriminate and conscious definitions of our beliefs and universal identity. After completing the second year Advanced Path of the Healer training with Deborah, she is thrilled to locate her story in Guatemala for our upcoming retreat and is uber-inspired to apply Wholeness Energetics to her soul’s purpose to rewrite the world … and to work with others to envision a New Story!