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Deborah Wilson

Deborah has assisted thousands to realize health and wholeness and to live in expanded consciousness. Well known in the field of energy medicine, Deborah shares her knowledge in a down-to-earth, engaging, and approachable manner, through classes, workshops, and training programs internationally. As author, teacher, and master energy healer, she draws on more than 29 years of experience in the holistic health field and 40 years of consciousness studies, including yoga and meditation practice. The Path of the Healer Certification Program is her latest initiative, which serves as a professional training program for Wholeness Energetics, a system of energy medicine she developed.

Her Journey

Deborah has been studying a Course in Miracles for the past ten years, and has studied with several spiritual teachers since the mid-seventies. The studies have included subjects of consciousness, meditation, yoga, and the human energy field and healing. Deborah graduated from Stillpoint School of Massage Therapy in 1988, which launched her career in holistic health. In 1994, she and her family moved to Sirius, where they currently reside and where she serves as a resident teacher and member of the Core Group, Board of Directors. Deborah began teaching in 1999 as co-founder of the Spiritual Living Course, a successful six-month program that ran annually, and it was then she began assisting people in a new way as spiritual counselor and teacher. In 2004, she enrolled in a training program in TK, Transformational Kinesiology, and since has become certified in TK, an integrative system of healing. Deborah has also been initiated in Reiki, level 2.

In 2012, based on 25 years practicing holistic health and studying many systems of healing, Deborah developed Wholeness Energetics, a unique system of healing designed to expand and shift consciousness and to catalyze lasting transformation.

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